Functionality & Efficiency Reviews

  • We conduct functionality and efficiency (F& E) reviews to significantly improve the cost-effectiveness and return -on-investment of programs, projects and systems
  • These reviews generally lead to implemented cost saving in the order of 10-25%, while maintaining or improving various other performance requirements
♦    F & E reviews also lead to optimization of the implementation schedule as well as resolution of emerging signficant risk and value-for-money problems
  • A related oversight approach demonstrates to higher management and stakeholders that expected business returns are being obtained
  • Benefits also include expediting the decision-making process and implementation of services and systems
♦       Other uses are for:
  • solving of complex problems
  • revivial of stalling projects
  • driving out waste
  • business process / organizational improvement.
♦     F & E reviews focus on each of the following aspects of 360º of the life cycle:
  • Asset/service analysis and planning
  • Concept formulation and assessment 
  • Design, development and execution
  • Service delivery 
♦     F & E reviews consists of: 
  • Strategic performance assessment and executive level reporting
  • Further detailed review(s)  as may be required
  • A detailed review is conducted using our-in-house developed, multi-step process and a variety of tools and techniques appropriate to the particular needs
  • Results from the detailed review(s) are fed back in to the life cycle performance oversight file.